Décor Source at Iron Will & Woodworks

Posted by on 1/26/2017
Décor Source at Iron Will & Woodworks

Décor Source is an online service that allows us to do the leg work for you and enhance that precious commodity we call “time”. At Décor Source we know everyone’s time is limited and quite valuable.
If you find yourself searching for a home décor item or decorating a retail environment, Décor Source can help! We frequently travel the continental US for demolition of architectural, historical, and significant buildings. These buildings are a treasure trove of unique architectural finds as well as décor accessories. We are also constantly on “picking” trips for our retail shops. 

Whether you’re personally decorating one room or your entire house with unique pieces or creating an organic theme…. Whether you’re a collector looking for a rare addition to your prized collection….. Whether you’re searching for a classic gift idea for a friend or relative….. If you are an interior designer, architect, or business owner trying to create that perfect space…WE CAN FIND IT FOR YOU!


A $15.00 non-refundable fee gets the ball rolling and adds your name into our database to start searching for your item. You will receive weekly updates on the status of our search. Once we locate your item(s) we will contact you via email with the said price and photos. Upon purchasing the item you will be credited the $15.00 fee towards your balance. 

Stay tuned for details.