Custom Furniture & Bars

Iron Will & Woodworks can customize any of your furniture needs. Whether you appreciate rustic, contemporary, historic, or a period furniture piece. Maybe you have elements to give us that you want turned into a piece of furniture. We can give you that show stopping piece to complete your design theme. Whether a kitchen island, dining room table, bar or any other furniture need you might have we can help complete that dream.

Custom Lighting Fixtures

Iron Will WoodWorks specialize in designing one of kind lighting fixtures for every home or business situation. Lamps, hanging fixtures, sconces and pendants.

Barn Doors & Accent Walls

Iron Will WoodWorks can fabricate custom barn doors any size interior or exterior use with 100 to 200 year old materials. We also install custom accent walls with reclaimed barn board in numerous colors and sizes to give each interior space its own unique feel.

Architectural Salvage

Iron Will WoodWorks takes pride in reclaiming architectural and historical salvage for the means of re-purposing history and giving it a new life for our clients and passing on the heritage and history as well. We accept donations and sometimes purchase architectural components and salvage up to and including doors, windows, trim, flooring, furniture, built ins, metal roofing, siding, lighting fixtures and bathroom fixtures, cabinets, framing, beams, fencing and wrought iron. Any other items don't hesitate to call us at 267-221-5107.

Retail, Commercial/Residential Design & Outfitting

Iron Will Woodworks specializes in giving businesses and home owners that interior design experience "wow factor ". With one of kind furniture pieces, fixtures and overall unique character and theme of your space we specialize in making statements.

Eastern Shore Cleanouts & Junk Removal Co.

Eastern Shore Cleanouts & Junk Removal is able to clean out the largest or smallest estates with ease. No job too big or too small. You get to deal directly with the owners who will treat your home as if it were our own. We can remove all the contents of most homes within a day or two and offer broom sweeping and vacuuming if needed.

If you would like just your garage or your attic cleaned out we can do that too. Call us at 267-221-5107 and we will make an appointment to come out and see what you need taken away as well as give you a quote on site and most of the time remove your items that day.

We provide all our own labor, trucks, dumpsters, and plastic bags. We have the equipment to remove most items very easily, including large items such as appliances and most pianos.

Historic Home, Barn, Mill Tear Downs

Iron Will WoodWorks takes pride in reclaiming architectural and historical salvage for the means of re-purposing history and giving it a new life for our clients and passing on the heritage and history as well. We provide services for full demolition and partial salvage of building structures. Whether it's an unwanted building or architectural salvage you just want preserved, we are the crew to call. We offer partial and full demolition. Just straight tear down leaving on site, abandoned buildings on a property you own or just straight salvage opportunities for buildings that are full.

Estate Sales

Eastern Shore Cleanouts & Junk Removal Co. offers cash or credit up front for your valuables or items we can resell. People trying to capitalize on the contents in their homes often focus on how much money the valuables will bring in without accounting for the cost of cleaning out the rubbish. We take the guesswork out of estimates and provide you a quote onsite and upfront.

Auction companies may charge for moving items, or breakage could possibly occur while your items are in transit to the auction site. If your items do not sell, the auctioneers may charge you to dispose of your items, or you have to pay to pick them up. Common auction fees are up around 20% of what item sold. Items often get under valued depending on bidding crowd. Eastern Shore Cleanouts buys items or gives you credit up front, and you need not worry about a loss due to breakage. Some auction houses will not even take certain items, Eastern Shore Cleanouts will take everything that you do not want.

Estate sale companies charge a high percentage, a flat fee, hourly rates or a combination of all three. Large groups of people wander throughout your home during the sale. Only the best items sell and after the sale is completed, you may be left with less money than you started with, a house full of rubbish, and not enough proceeds to pay for the cleanout or dumpsters. The gamble you take with estate sale companies or liquidations is also eliminated by using Eastern Shore Cleanouts.

Eastern Shore Cleanouts are really the best alternative to any estate sale or auction. We offer free on site in person quotes on all our cleanouts and if agreeable can usually complete cleanout the same day.

Decor Source Co.

Our sourcing service that identifies, tracks down and acquires unique home and business decorating items that satisfy the specific needs of our clients.