It's Saturday and It's A Hot One!

Posted by on 7/15/2017
It's a hot weekend, but what a great sunny day to have fun with your family building something new out of reclaimed wood!

Demo Day in St. Michaels, MD!

Posted by on 6/17/2017
It feels absolutely fantastic to salvage an old slave quarters and coastal cottage before it was completely cleared away for a new structure. Mark and I were very fortunate to meet a local couple who needed to clear away their old red painted cottage on their property and they asked us to salvage simply everything right down to the wide pine plank floor boards and ornate pieces of iron hardware to use in our shop! We filled our 20 foot trailer with glass windows, wrought iron cabinet hardware, wood doors, cabinets, butcher block, antiques, and a bunch of knotty pine siding. Check out the videos and photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages..

We were recently told by the fabulous owners that while salvaging the chimney they found letters hidden up inside the chimney walls. As soon as I can get a photo of them, I will post them. Finding history is so amazing.

Check Out Our New Look!!!!

Posted by Tracey on 6/9/2017
Check Out Our New Look!
We had fun remodeling last week to provide a whole new great salvage feel. Stop in!

Kentucky Derby Weekend!

Posted by on 5/5/2017
10% off everything for every customer who comes into our shop tomorrow wearing a FABULOUS Kentucky Derby hat and/or classy bow tie or tie.

What a Trip!

Posted by on 3/7/2017
We are finally back from our 1 1/2 weeks of being on the road! We started along the shores of NC....SC.....GA.....TN.....VA, and then back home through  St. Leonards, MD.
On our travels we met so many fabulous small business owners, tradesmen, volunteers, wood workers, artists, farmers, antique dealers, and salvage lovers in major cities, such as Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA all the way up to the back woods of Tennessee.  What a trip!

What a Weekend!

Posted by on 2/19/2017
65 degrees in February!!! Wow! Thank you to everyone who shopped with us this weekend and came to visit our historical Mill. 

Website launch!!

Posted by on 2/8/2017
Come see one of the most unique shops in St. Michaels, MD!!! The store is always changing with new items!

Happy Birthday Shop Puppies!

Posted by on 2/1/2017
Happy birthday (the big 2 years old!) to our lovable and cuddly shop puppies. Keeley and Keeghan are back in the shop working hard to upload more exciting items to our online shopping site. Woof!
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